Azar Bizarre

The Artist


About The Artist

Lebanese-American artist Jack Azar is best known for distorting commercial photography, from funny and whimsical consumerism vehicles to serious and thought-provoking pieces of art.  Azar’s goal is to liberate images that are bound within magazines destined as icons of consumerism and adornment into series that contain socially relevant messages.  The work can be interpreted in two ways: through Azar’s created message and the intended message of the original source of each piece.  His pieces are favored by the hospitality industry, with his work having shown at Kimpton’s Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara and now in the rooms of h Club Los Angeles.  Azar’s work has shown in galleries in San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  Referred to as Azar Bizarre, his artwork thematically represents female and androgynous caricatures, and delves into LGBTQ issues, stemming from his upbringing.

Both sides of Azar’s family came from Douma, a village in the mountains of Lebanon, and found refuge in Southern California. He was born and raised in the hills of Summerland—a quiet, coastal town seven miles south of Santa Barbara, California. He adopted a conflated worldview of the American lifestyle compared to his parent’s strict, traditional Lebanese upbringing. Azar’s parents embody opposite gender characteristics to what is socially understood for how men and women are expected to behave. His father is an altruistic and sensitive individual, while his mother embodies assertive and authoritative traits. This influenced Azar’s expectations of masculine and feminine behaviors, hence affecting his outlet to express masculine and feminine traits in his art. Azar’s family has a history of pursuing their creative outlets through mediums such as painting, sculpting, needlepoint and woodworking. Growing up, Azar greatly admired the intricate woodwork of his great Uncle Sam Maloof and his mother’s detailed needlepoint artwork, both figures encouraging his career in the arts.

Azar studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and San Francisco State University.  He currently resides in New York City.