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captured in nostalgia series

The face is the most expressive part of the human body and remains exposed to intrinsic forces characteristic of a volatile world, constructing one’s identity over time. Life paints a picture using the face as a working canvas, illustrated with wrinkles on the skin and history in the eyes, such as sorrows and accomplishments, trauma and pain, and breakthroughs and blessings to convey a worldview unique to the essence of one’s being. Colors in every hue and brushstrokes in all directions represent layers of the person we are today.

Beyond the horizon, we escape from the present to be met with the intimacy of our past.

Nostalgia is a brief encounter of a past that ceases to exist. It consumes the mind and engulfs the senses with profound emotion when triggered by means of our five senses. Captured in Nostalgia portrays the human condition to dream, convey, adore and reflect throughout one’s lifetime.

Monochromatic images and colored faces represent a dichotomy of the past (the faintness of memory) versus the present (the vivid colors of reality). Each face exemplifies a physical reaction to the instant they were met with the intimacy of their past. The Series illustrates hidden messages in the faces, a glimpse to how life’s journey affected each personage. The Collection is printed on scratch-resistant, water-resistant and fade-resistant metal sheets, features that combat the fragmentation of our memories. All metal pieces are available as limited prints and are numbered, signed, and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.